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7 Reasons Why Your Vision for a Lifestyle Business is a Myth

the_lifestyle_business_mythOne of the most important factors essential to an effective business strategy is understanding and planning around the owner's personal objectives. Sometimes, the owner is motivated by a desire to create new products or innovations. Other times, it's about creating a legacy that can be left to future generations, or building the business into an asset that can command a high valuation at exit. Sometimes the owner has no clear idea of what their personal objectives are. And sometimes, the owner expresses the desire to position the company as a lifestyle business.
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Creating a Growth-Driven Culture through the StrategyFirst Leadership Assessment

wp_blog_-_leadershipEffective leadership involves a number of key components, including a clear understanding of the talents and skills your organization needs, as well as effective strategies for developing your unique culture and attracting, retaining and supporting key personnel. The B2B CEO cannot underestimate the importance of leadership strategy and development to the growth of the enterprise. 

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Tags: Focus Area: Leadership, b2b, change management, facilitation, employee culture, engagement, business leadership, scalability, leadership strategy, StrategyFirst, business execution

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