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7 Signs Your Startup Is Not Ready for Angel Investors & What To Do About It

7_Signs_Startup_Not_Ready_Angel_FundingDo you have an exciting business concept? Perhaps it involves technology that will disrupt a market or change the world. Conventional wisdom says that, after putting in a few months of hard work on your part, designing some wireframes and mockups, writing multiple lines of code and creating a short PowerPoint pitch deck, it's time to go and seek angel investors. Or is it?

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How Technology Companies Can Benefit from a B2B Business Growth Consultant

how_technology_companies_can_benefit_from_a_b2b_business_growth_consultantThe technology sector is undergoing rapid change, and it is challenging for many companies to maintain a strong market position while also identifying and pursuing new directions. By sharpening their focus and defining new opportunities, technology companies working with a B2B business growth consultant can achieve and sustain new revenue by focusing on these priorities:

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Tags: Focus Area: Strategy, business strategy, startup, b2b business growth, it industry, selecting a business consultant, competitive differentiation, market positioning, technology

CEO Profile with Jim Marinucci: A Vision for the Future of Healthcare

wp_blog_-_jim_marinucciAs an international healthcare professional with more than 25 years of experience, Jim Marinucci has a clear vision for new strategies that can improve the delivery of care to a diverse range of patient populations. As the CEO of Via Medica International, he is implementing that vision at the cutting edge of innovation. We recently interviewed him at the City Club of Washington to learn more about his approach and accomplishments.

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4 Valuable Strategy Tools for Innovative Startup CEOs

ceo_startup_strategies_idea_wallStartup companies face many unique challenges as they seek to establish a strong position in the marketplace. As a CEO, you can guide your company to success by taking advantage of these four proven startup strategies:

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Tags: value proposition, positioning, Focus Area: Strategy, b2b, business planning, business strategy, startup

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