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How Law Firms Can Benefit from a B2B Business Growth Consultant

how_law_firms_can_benefit_from_a_b2b_business_growth_consultantThe legal services industry is in the midst of dramatic change. Major firms have experienced radical restructurings while others have disappeared entirely. The traditional partner/associate model is under fire from more nimble and flexible business models. Technology, offshoring for some services and a glut of new lawyers are creating a future talent crisis while undercutting margins in the short-term. The best way to respond to these challenges is to reposition and innovate with better strategies for firm growth. Working with a B2B business growth consultant, law firms can find new opportunities by focusing on these priorities:

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Tags: Focus Area: Strategy, b2b business growth, selecting a business consultant, competitive differentiation, market positioning, law firms, attorneys, law firm marketing

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