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The Evolution of Hubspot and the Power of the Pivot for Business Growth

power_of_the_pivot_business_growthIn 2014, VentureBeat named Hubspot the #1 company in the rapidly growing marketing automation technology sector. This was an impressive accomplishment for a firm that had been founded less than a decade earlier, and whose competitors include many vendors who are both older and larger. How does a growth-driven company achieve a market-leading position so rapidly? What makes it possible to establish and maintain a dominant role as a recognized leader in your industry?

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CEO Profile with Debbie King: Leadership in Association Analytics

debbie_kingDebbie King is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, technology visionary and passionate communicator. As the founder and CEO of DSK Solutions, she is at the forefront of the data analytics and business intelligence industry, providing solutions for some of the largest and most well known associations across the U.S. In this interview, she shares her insights about entrepreneurship, business leadership and creating a vision for growth.
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How Architecture Firms Can Benefit from a B2B Business Growth Consultant

how_architecture_firms_can_benefit_from_a_b2b_business_growth_consultantAs the leader of an architectural practice, you face many unique opportunities and challenges in building and growing your firm. In the face of a difficult economy and a cost-conscious buying environment among potential clients, it’s imperative to think differently and create a compelling value proposition. Working with a B2B business growth consultant can help you achieve sustainable growth, by focusing on these priorities:

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Tags: Focus Area: Strategy, business strategy, a/e/c, architecture, b2b business growth, growth strategy, selecting a business consultant

5 Internal Strategies to Drive B2B Business Growth

internal_b2b_business_growth_strategiesAs a B2B business owner or CEO, you face unprecedented challenges to your success in the marketplace. Customers are confused. Competition is fierce. Markets are saturated with products and posturing. Today’s innovation becomes tomorrow’s commodity. And the uncertain economy presents a triple threat: It undermines customer confidence, increases the risk of new investments, and makes it easier for lower-cost producers to undercut your position. In addition, challenges within your own organization also exist -— often driven by silos and divisions that make enterprise-wide change difficult to implement.
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