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Supercharge Your Sales: Five Steps You Can Take to Achieve Success

supercharge_your_sales_five_stepsSales is the lifeblood of any business. Achieving and maintaining consistent sales growth is a complex task that requires many elements to successfully work together if you are to see lasting results. As a business owner today, you are faced with many challenges that make selling much more difficult than it was in the past.
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3 Keys to Post-Sequester Sales Success for Government Contractors

3_keys_to_post-sequester_sales_successGovernment contractors today face enormous challenges. Federal budgets are shrinking. GovCon competition is dramatically increasing. Regulatory challengs are daunting. And now, the 'unthinkable' sequester has taken hold, requiring a 'meat cleaver' approach to federal spending across virtually every agency and program.

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Tags: strategy, marketing strategy, b2g, govcon, government contracting, Focus Area: Sales

3 Ways to Create B2B Sales Training & Coaching that Works

3_ways_to_create_b2b_sales_trainingMaking your business-to-business (B2B) sales team successful requires a combination of adding the right people to the team; equipping them with the right tools for the job; and training and coaching them in the right ways to achieve lasting success.

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Tags: strategy, sales process, sales performance, sales training, sales coaching, sales assessment, Focus Area: Sales

3 Critical Keys to Success in Sales Team Assessment

3_critical_keys_to_sales_team_assessmentEvery CEO, VP of Sales and front-line sales manager knows that you need to regularly assess your team to know where you stand, how they are doing, and what needs to change in order to keep your company growing. But assessing your sales team is a highly personal - and often intensely political - task that most sales leaders loathe to address.

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Tags: strategy, sales process, sales performance, sales assessment, Focus Area: Sales

5 Essential Steps to a CRM System that Drives Sales

5_essential_steps_to_a_crm_system_salesCustomer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are an essential tool for every business. From major multinationals down to solo entrepreneurs, every business needs to select, implement and - most importantly - use a CRM system.

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Tags: strategy, marketing, CRM, ERP, Focus Area: Sales

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