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CEO Profile with Rudy Burwell: Leadership and Business Excellence

rudy_burwellRudy Burwell is a visionary business and civic leader with a passion for excellence. As the President & CEO of the Burwell Group, he has developed a dynamic business model that has engaged his company in the technology, manufacturing and distribution fields. A key part of his strategy has involved working with Wendt Partners to develop new business growth models. We sat down with Rudy for this insightful interview.

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How Government Contractors Can Benefit from a B2B Business Growth Consultant

how_government_contractors_can_benefit_from_b2b_business_growth_consultantsThe government contracting marketplace is constantly shifting, and today it requires new thinking and fresh ideas. Sequestration at the federal level, tightening budgets at the state level, and new scrutiny on many municipal governments and public authorities mean greater challenges for GovCon firms. With the support of a B2B business growth consultant, you can position your company for new opportunities by focusing on these priorities:
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Tags: b2g, govcon, government contracting, Focus Area: Strategy, business strategy, b2b business growth, selecting a business consultant, competitive differentiation, market positioning, federal markets

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