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CEO Profile with Ferdinand Akesse: Guiding Global Executive Transitions

wp_blog_-_ferdinand_akesse_headshotHaving immigrated to the United States from Africa and with an extensive background in the global hospitality and housing sectors, Ferdinand Akesse developed a vision for helping international executives achieve a more successful transition to the United States. In launching Transitions from Africa, he brought to bear all of his personal and professional knowledge to create a world-class resource. In this interview, Akesse shares how he developed his vision and brought it to life, and how Wendt Partners helped him make its success possible.

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Tags: brand strategy, web strategy, b2g, Focus Area: Leadership, b2b, business planning, business leadership, business launch, international transition, startup strategy, multilingual website, CEO Profile Series

5 Keys to Choosing the Right Strategic Planning Consultant

choose_a_strategic_planning_consultant_meetingStrategic planning can be a powerful process to guide your business or nonprofit toward new goals and prepare your team for effective change. In order to accomplish this, however, you need to choose the right strategic planning consultant. Here are five essential qualities to look for as you choose your next strategic planning consultant:

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Tags: Focus Area: Strategy, b2b, change management, facilitation, business planning, business strategy, strategic planning

4 Valuable Strategy Tools for Innovative Startup CEOs

ceo_startup_strategies_idea_wallStartup companies face many unique challenges as they seek to establish a strong position in the marketplace. As a CEO, you can guide your company to success by taking advantage of these four proven startup strategies:

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Tags: value proposition, positioning, Focus Area: Strategy, b2b, business planning, business strategy, startup

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