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Building Business Relationships on LinkedIn: Leveling Up Your Strategy

With the growing importance on online relationships and virtual platforms to support business growth, the power and potential of LinkedIn has never been more evident. On July 22, 2020 Wendt Partners hosted a webinar featuring a panel of experts to discuss the role of LinkedIn in the new business normal and strategies for leveraging the platform’s unique strengths to build business relationships.

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Tags: linkedin, business development, business relationships, LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn for business, LinkedIn connections, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn tips

How Hubspot CRM is a Game Changer for B2B Business Growth

Hubspot_CRM_LogoThree weeks ago, marketing automation company Hubspot announced the launch of Hubspot CRM, a new customer relationship management (CRM) application that will be a fully integrated part of the Hubspot platform. Currently in public beta (present Hubspot customers and partners can request access) and soon to be fully launched, the Hubspot CRM product represents a new approach to sales relationship management.
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Tags: CRM, sales performance, sales training, Focus Area: Sales, lead generation, b2b business growth, customer relationship management, revenue generation, business development, customer experience

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