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CEO Profile with Rudy Burwell: Leadership and Business Excellence

rudy_burwellRudy Burwell is a visionary business and civic leader with a passion for excellence. As the President & CEO of the Burwell Group, he has developed a dynamic business model that has engaged his company in the technology, manufacturing and distribution fields. A key part of his strategy has involved working with Wendt Partners to develop new business growth models. We sat down with Rudy for this insightful interview.

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How Engineering Firms Can Benefit from a B2B Business Growth Consultant

how_civil_enginering_firms_can_benefit_from_a_b2b_business_growth_consultantThe civil engineering field today is as demanding as it has ever been, thanks in large part to dramatic shifts in project parameters and changes in the financing environment. In addition, increasing attention to environmental footprint, long-term maintenance costs and changing requirements during the lifetime of a structure demand more attention. Partnering with a B2B business growth consultant can enable your firm to overcome these challenges and position for new opportunities, by focusing on these priorities:

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Tags: Focus Area: Strategy, business strategy, a/e/c, engineering, selecting a business consultant, competitive differentiation, market positioning, business consulting

How Business Growth Consultants Bring Fortune 500 Thinking to Midmarket CEOs

fortune_500_concepts_from_b2b_business_growth_consultantsAs the CEO of a growth-stage or midmarket B2B enterprise, you are always looking for opportunities to improve the company and achieve better business results. But whether your business is a $5M specialized architectural firm or a $45M industrial products manufacturer, one thing seems for sure: There are some competitive advantages and strategies that Fortune 500 companies can use, which are probably not scalable or practical for smaller companies…or at least, that’s the common wisdom. As it turns out, there is more value you can gain from the strategies used by large companies than you may think.

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Tags: brand strategy, CRM, Focus Area: Strategy, marketing automation, business strategy, b2b business growth, business execution, business consulting, social selling, market disruption, corporate university, innovation lab

How a Business Growth Consultant Identifies New Business Opportunities

how_a_business_growth_consultant_identifies_opportunitiesAs a CEO or senior executive leading a growth-stage or midmarket company, you're working diligently to move all aspects of the company forward -- from sales and marketing to operations and finance, and from product or service development to human capital and employee training. What ties all of these components together is the need to achieve new growth targets. So, how does a business growth consultant assist you identifying and pursuing new opportunities?
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Tags: Focus Area: Strategy, executive communication, training and development, b2b business growth, selecting a business consultant, business consulting, opportunity assessment

How to Select the Right B2B Business Consultant for Your Company [Part 2]

how_to_select_the_right_b2b_business_consultant_for_your_company_part_2_-_revisedYou're the CEO or a senior executive with a growth-driven business-to-business company, and you are committed to achieving new revenue and market targets for your firm. You've decided to retain an outside consultant to help you develop the strategy and pursue change. Now, you just need to determine how to select the right firm to partner with. This article, the second in a two-part series, gives you four key factors to consider in selecting the right B2B business consultant for your company.
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Tags: strategy, Focus Area: Strategy, b2b, change management, business planning, business strategy, strategic planning, executive communication, b2b business growth, selecting a business consultant, business consulting

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