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Business Growth Strategies: Sometimes, Innovation Means Delaying Change

southwest_airlines_business_growth_strategyToday, nearly every discussion about business strategy inevitably covers the question of innovation. After all, we live in the most technologically advanced and economically complex business environment in history, and one that promises to only become more intense going forward. We all know that innovation -- whatever it is -- seems to be an obvious, essential ingredient in business growth strategy. But when and how do we innovate?
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Why Every B2B CEO Should be Active on Social Media

B2B_CEO_SOCIAL_MEDIA_BLOG_7.7.2014In the past, executives were privy to more information about their company’s products and services than any other stakeholder. The advent of social media, however, is compelling executives to adapt their role in order to remain knowledgeable and competitive in the market. Some of the largest B2B discussions are now taking place online through social media outlets like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, SlideShare and Twitter

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Tags: brand strategy, brand identity, social media, Focus Area: Leadership, b2b, communication, business leadership, leadership strategy, b2b business growth

The Evolution of Hubspot and the Power of the Pivot for Business Growth

power_of_the_pivot_business_growthIn 2014, VentureBeat named Hubspot the #1 company in the rapidly growing marketing automation technology sector. This was an impressive accomplishment for a firm that had been founded less than a decade earlier, and whose competitors include many vendors who are both older and larger. How does a growth-driven company achieve a market-leading position so rapidly? What makes it possible to establish and maintain a dominant role as a recognized leader in your industry?

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Tags: Focus Area: Strategy, b2b, inbound marketing, business planning, b2b business growth, growth strategy, hubspot

How Construction Firms Can Benefit from a B2B Business Growth Consultant

how_construction_firms_can_benefit_from_a_b2b_business_growth_consultantThe construction industry faces intense competitive pressures and a rapidly changing market environment. Increasing project complexity, ever-shifting financing and mounting project requirements further complicate the challenge facing those in the sector. However, a strategically focused construction firm can partner with a B2B business growth consultant and achieve lasting growth, by focusing on these priorities:

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Tags: Focus Area: Strategy, b2b, commercial real estate, construction, a/e/c, b2b business growth, selecting a business consultant, market positioning, industrial market

How to Select the Right B2B Business Consultant for Your Company [Part 2]

how_to_select_the_right_b2b_business_consultant_for_your_company_part_2_-_revisedYou're the CEO or a senior executive with a growth-driven business-to-business company, and you are committed to achieving new revenue and market targets for your firm. You've decided to retain an outside consultant to help you develop the strategy and pursue change. Now, you just need to determine how to select the right firm to partner with. This article, the second in a two-part series, gives you four key factors to consider in selecting the right B2B business consultant for your company.
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