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CEO Profile with Jim Marinucci: A Vision for the Future of Healthcare

wp_blog_-_jim_marinucciAs an international healthcare professional with more than 25 years of experience, Jim Marinucci has a clear vision for new strategies that can improve the delivery of care to a diverse range of patient populations. As the CEO of Via Medica International, he is implementing that vision at the cutting edge of innovation. We recently interviewed him at the City Club of Washington to learn more about his approach and accomplishments.

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The StrategyFirst Approach to Achieving B2B Business Growth


Leading a business-to-business (B2B) company today requires a level of intensity rarely before seen in the marketplace. The customers of B2B firms are making decisions and changing vendors or selecting solutions in a manner fundamentally different from what was historically the case. As a result, B2B CEOs need to be more aggressive, more strategic and more consistent in their ability to execute than ever before.

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Building a Scalable B2B Business with the StrategyFirst Startup Assessment

wp_blog_-_startupEstablishing and growing a business-to-business (B2B) startup requires a unique approach to strategy and execution. You need to develop a clear vision for your product or service offering; relentlessly focus on specific target market segments and their needs; and drive an aggressive competitive position that disrupts the competitive environment. The StrategyFirst methodology is a powerful tool for helping you plan and execute successfully.
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CEO Profile with Ferdinand Akesse: Guiding Global Executive Transitions

wp_blog_-_ferdinand_akesse_headshotHaving immigrated to the United States from Africa and with an extensive background in the global hospitality and housing sectors, Ferdinand Akesse developed a vision for helping international executives achieve a more successful transition to the United States. In launching Transitions from Africa, he brought to bear all of his personal and professional knowledge to create a world-class resource. In this interview, Akesse shares how he developed his vision and brought it to life, and how Wendt Partners helped him make its success possible.

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Creating a Growth-Driven Culture through the StrategyFirst Leadership Assessment

wp_blog_-_leadershipEffective leadership involves a number of key components, including a clear understanding of the talents and skills your organization needs, as well as effective strategies for developing your unique culture and attracting, retaining and supporting key personnel. The B2B CEO cannot underestimate the importance of leadership strategy and development to the growth of the enterprise. 

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How the StrategyFirst Assessment Can Help Scale B2B Business Growth

wp_blog_-_strategyBusiness strategy is the cornerstone upon which a lasting program of growth is built. B2B business owners and CEOs looking to scale their company, whether from $1M to $10M or $5M to $50M, need to develop effective methods and processes to make that growth possible and sustainable. A dynamic and comprehensive business strategy is the essential roadmap that can help you build the business to scale, and achieve success.
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Driving B2B Business Growth through the StrategyFirst Marketing Assessment

wp_blog_-_marketingFor a surprising number of business-to-business (B2B) companies, marketing strategy has historically been treated as an afterthought. The theory that the right product will 'sell itself' to the market has been commonly accepted practice among many technology-driven firms, and those in professional services have often assume that 'my reputation precedes me' and little else should be necessary. Today, nothing could be further from the truth, and the time to aggressively plan and execute an effective marketing strategy is now.
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CEO Profile with Marc Berman: Strategy, Service and Success

wp_blog_-_marc_berman_headshotMarc Berman is a lifelong entrepreneur and fourth-generation Washingtonian with a passion for building companies and communities. When seeking to launch his most recent venture, Vector Technical Resources, one of his key steps was to retain Wendt Partners to assist in developing a powerful strategy and direction for the growth of his business. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Marc for this insightful interview about business, leadership and life.

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Getting to Results: The How and Why of B2B Business Growth Consulting

wp_blog_-_how_and_why_b2b_business_growth_consultantAchieving B2B business growth is a complex and often confusing task. Many CEOs can successfully administer their company in its present state of affairs, but struggle mightily to move from their current revenue plateau back into a mode of effective and sustainable growth.
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