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5 Critical Trends Essential to the Future of Commercial Real Estate

wp_blog_-_commercial_real_estateThere was a time when commercial real estate (CRE) marketing strategies focused very narrowly on marketing a property and selling to a buyer or tenant. Today, nothing is so simple, and it takes a truly creative and comprehensive range of expertise to make a deal happen.

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6 Ways an Outsourced CEO or CXO Can Be Invaluable to Your Business

wp_blog_-_fractional_ceo_cxoFor most privately held companies, the CEO's personal vision and leadership is traditionally the core driver for every aspect of the operation. Without a visionary person at the core, most businesses will struggle to scale and achieve their growth potential. But what if new changes or directions are required, or the traditional leadership model isn't working?
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Gary Vaynerchuk vs. Michael Schein on Building a Brand: Who's Right?

wp_blog_-_gary_vaynerchukAward-winning social media expert and business innovator Gary Vaynerchuk is a household name among CEOs following cutting-edge concepts around developing businesses for the future. He also doesn't mince words when it comes to his personal preference for a level of commitment and intensity that seemingly knows no bounds (he's been known to write replies to emails as late as 3:00 AM, and engage in relentless social media updates with every lingering moment).
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How OBC Operators Can Reposition as Workspace-As-A-Service Leaders

wp_blog_-_how_obc_operators_workspace_serviceTwo years ago, the Office Business Center Association International (OBCAI), the leading trade association for serviced office workspace operators, renamed itself the Global Workspace Association (GWA). This change was intended to accomplish more than just a brand refresh -- it represented a dramatic change taking place in the industry as a whole.
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New B2B Marketing Strategies For A/E/C Firms Focus on Growth

wp_blog_-_new_b2b_marketing_strategies_for_aecLike many professional service firms, companies in the A/E/C (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) space have traditionally grown and expanded through the direct outreach and relationships of the founding CEO, coupled with consistent delivery on the work to be performed. This combination of reputation and relationships is, of course, essential to the credibility of any firm in the space. However, it is no longer sufficient as a business growth strategy.
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Planning for Growth, Planning for Exit: The B2B Exit Strategy Handbook

wp_blog_-_b2b_exit_strategy_handbookFor many business owners, discussing their exit strategy for the company is as personally exciting as talking about death and taxes. Something about the term 'exit' seems to emphasize finality, and in some senses, fear. In addition, most CEOs are so busy running and growing their company that the idea of focusing energy on a future 'exit' feels like a non-urgent priority…for now.
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What, Exactly, is a B2B Business Growth Consultant?

wp_blog_-_b2b_business_growth_consultantWhat does it take to grow a business-to-business (B2B) company today, and how do you successfully achieve your business goals? For a CEO, this question hits at the heart of your future as a business owner. What you want for your business has a great deal to do with what you want for your life -- in terms of accomplishment, financial reward, retirement, the ability to exit at a certain level, and the vision of your overall legacy as a leader.
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